Friday, January 6, 2023


Good morning happy Fri-YEAH! I only have to be logged on for awhile longer for work since I'm getting off early for Trevor's dr appt later. Woohoo. Not like I have any actual work to do anyways. This job is a joke now. At least I still get paid.

I finished up some more banner things yesterday. I have 11 more to finish up (haha) so if anyone wants one just let me know lol. Totally made way too many. I have all the hearts sewn on and just have to do the bows/pom poms. Of course the pom poms take the longest. 

I think I might print off a picture of them hung up and put it in a bag with it for my booth later. Maybe! Sold one more of these and then someone wanted to trade one they picked before for the Love one. 

I cooked two things yesterday, Veggie Ham and Cheese Bake which we've pretty much finished off this morning. It cost me $12.24 to make. Crazy that cost more than pork chops lol. 

and then for dinner we had  Oven Fried Chicken which actually had left overs. $8.66 to make that. Don't mind me overloading my plate so the kid wouldn't eat it all. 

Assuming we'll get something to eat after Trevor's appointment today so maybe no cooking for dinner tonight. Maybe! I hungry all day yesterday. I need to get some more snacks (not really lol). 

I got all the ornaments put away and the boxes ready to go out to the shed so that is my big "to do" for today. Just have to DO IT lol.

I really need to buckle down and do some laundry today and tomorrow too since I'll probably be babysitting Sunday, Monday is full of online meetings and Tuesday I go to Monterey.

Tomorrow morning I have the membership committee so that will take up all morning. I got my dues bill last night when I got the mail and it went up over $200 since last year. WTF. Definitely going to have to start paying that monthly so it doesn't hurt so bad. 
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