Monday, January 2, 2023


Good morning happy Monday! I have today off for the holiday. Scott had to go to work and he said there was no traffic at all so that was nice for him. So far we are not flooding at all but it is all around us. Crazy in Sacramento a levee broke and the freeway is even under water. That's going to be a nightmare to clean up. Hopefully if the river here does fill up the levee will hold well. Our biggest problem is squirrels that like to go into it. They were poisoning them not that long ago so hopefully they have been monitoring the sides for problems.

Just finished making a menu and grocery list. Now to restart my computer so the printer will work and take a shower.

Just about finished all the crap in the house lol. Found this candy yesterday to finish up ;)

Jess keeps sending me tik toks about growing up in an ingredient house. Yep that is us. I do buy some snacks but everyone always inhales them so fast we're left with just the stuff to cook. Not my fault no one can control themselves ;)

Watched the kids yesterday. Lilly didn't feel that good but she did ok here and there. She took about an hour nap and Daniel took a little nap in the chair but he woke up super grouchy. 

She loves me. Sigh. Why do all the animals like me more (except Tubby she likes Trevor and Scott more lol)

Still need to take pictures of my heart banner things. I need to get some darker red yarn too for some other pom poms. My house is so dark right now with the clouds.  I went to bed right after the kids left yesterday since I was exhausted from staying up late for NYE and then watching them is tiring too. There sure is a difference from when you are young and they are your own kids lol. 

Oh just remembered I can just print this Google sheets from my phone so I don't have to restart. Ok off to shower and get ready for the grocery store.


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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I love that phrase - 'an ingredient house'
That's my house too sadly. But there is no way that candy would be "found" in my house. Except as an empty box. :-)

Julie H said...

@Peg, right? Here too that's why I don't keep it in stock lol

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