Tuesday, January 24, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! I am mostly packed to leave for my work trip. Just need to take my stuff out to the car and gather any crafty stuff to take with me. I can't think of anything to work on though so might not take anything. I know so weird.

Yesterday I worked on the left over scraps from the purple quilt top. I made one scrappy zip bag. 

Everything else was kind of small so I decided to make more of the I Found A Quilted Heart hearts. Now to remember to actually put them in my purse so I take them along with me. 

After that I pulled out this fabric my friend Cassi bought forever ago. She wanted me to make her a bag but I wasn't feeling it. Finally made it up and OMG it's gorgeous! She asked if I'd make her a make up bag to go with it so that will be next when I get home.

I didn't want to start anything else last night and I just had anxiety about everything so I went to bed at like 8 lol. I've been awake since 5 but didn't get up right away. I pulled out my suit case to pack and SURPRISE!

Apparently Lucy has been sleeping on it for awhile. Which is weird since she's usually right next to me. I had to vacuum and tape roll it and it looks much better.

Wish me luck today. I don't know why I have anxiety about the whole thing. I shouldn't lol.

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