Tuesday, January 31, 2023


Hello! Happy Dart's Tuesday! I feel like I've been so busy doing nothing. 
I just finished figuring out my state sales tax for my side hustle. That took me way too long. Every year I tell myself I'm going to keep better track but I never do. Procrastinators UNITE! Now I have until April to figure out my outgoing money lol.

Sunday I ended up babysitting early. Jessica's boss offered her a cash bonus to come in early. I told her give me an hour and that's how long it took me to get things kid proof and cleaned up. 

The kids were good until the last couple hours when miss Lilly just likes to scream. Big Daniel picked them up at 8 and then I went to bed lol. 

Monday I spent the work day catching up on everything I didn't do while I was at the training I was done by 3. 4 days I missed. This morning I had a few things trickle in but not too much. 

I took my friend Cassi out to dinner last night. She is moving to Oregon soon and has started taking hers stuff up there and is working on a job. She bought a trailer and has it at a friend's house to live in. Her mom still lives here for now. I don't think my kids want to buy the house so probably going to scrap that idea. Trevor might but he needs to have a job besides playing video games for free to become a member of the club. He'd need that to live in the house.

Anyhow, we went to El Jardin and got the steak fajitas for two. We went to the little bar after we got home and closed it down at 8pm lol. One drink and some talking. I was wide awake from midnight to almost 3am this morning so that was fun. 

Back to my work training!
Day 2/3 in Davis. I got up and hit the free breakfast again. Sadly it was the same lol. 

Someone said this is a sign I have ADD. Hmm. 

For lunch we walked down to Zia's.  Hmmm what do we choose? Ack! I decided on the meatball sandwich and bought a box of cookies. 


It's a good thing we went to lunch early because the crew wanted to go to Sushi again for dinner. This time we went to Mikuni Sushi.  Pretty much everyone got an appetizer to share and then most of us got a roll for our entre. Sadly everyone didn't want to just share the rolls lol. 

I can't remember what I got but it was good. Just roll me home I kept saying.

When we got back to the hotel it was only 7pm and everyone was like "goodnight!" Definitely a different training group than I'm used to on these trips. I was like I'm going to die of boredom. So I went to Rite Aid and browsed the aisles. I came back with a puzzle and snacks. Only ate some of the ice cream and then realized my fridge did not contain a freezer section. Good thing I didn't get a bigger one since I had to toss it. 

I stayed up til 12:30am and did the whole puzzle. Kind of amazed myself haha. I realized the reason I like puzzles, it's all about sorting and my brain loves to sort. I slept much better since I cut out like 4 hours of sleeping time ;)

While I was at the training some idiot drove around the barriers for our broken road and drove into it! How stupid! We just had another person do it this week too. How embarrassing but they deserve it for going around huge concrete barriers that say ROAD CLOSED 500 times. 

I hope I do good at darts tonight. I was sad to miss it last week!


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