Sunday, December 19, 2021


 Good morning happy Sunday!

I'm still tired from my booth yesterday (or maybe I'm just tired in general haha).

I put a few things out on the free table on Friday but only a little bit got taken. That big latch hook kit and the cute pencil drawings for sure. Not sure if anything else left. I'll put it out again Monday if the weather is nice. I have a ton of stuff to put out when I get back to cleaning the shed some more.

I watched the little one for a bit in the afternoon, I'm glad I had some babysitters

and then we went to darts where once again Scott was a big whiner because he didn't do well. I'm like you know NO ONE is keeping track of how you are playing right? Sheesh. Great times out on a date night. Came home right after we were done and debated working on keychains or going to bed and going to bed won.

The craft show started at 12 and was 1 hour away so I told my mom to come around 9. I still had to load up the car when she got here but that only took a minute.

I got there at 10:20 and I was all set up at 12. Part of that time was waiting to get over to where my space was and then parking the car outside the event and walking back. Seems to take me about 1 1/2 hours to set up. Not sure why it takes so long lol. 

The event was on a busy street but you couldn't really see the event from the street because the little church was in the way. So it wasn't super busy but I still managed to make about $300 so that was good! More money to pay off my credit cards! Goals goals goals.

The event coordinator had us take a picture with Santa so that was fun. I got down in the front since all the short people were trying to stand in the back lol

At 4 a big wind gust came up and then it was cold. So weird. Everyone pretty much started packing up around 4:15. My mom was carrying one of my boxes to the car and totally wiped out and fell. TG she is ok but I keep flashing back to her laying on the ground. She said her back did a little bing when she fell so hopefully she can walk today. 

Here is the breakdown of what I sold

Originally I had thought we'd stop after and have dinner somewhere but neither of us was hungry since we ate food at the event. Overall it was a good day minus mom falling.

I still need to unload the car and do my inventory for Etsy so I don't sell something I don't have anymore. 

I was laying on the couch last night and we had the heater on. The heater makes one of the fans blades turn around and someone was chasing the shadows lol. Tina is such a nut. I need to take those boxes out to the shed tomorrow until we take them out again next week to put everything away again! Hard to believe Christmas is next weekend already.

The girls finally asked about making cookies so I guess we are doing that on Thursday. Which means I need to go to the store or do Instacart for cookie ingredients before then lol. I'm assuming I'm making a lasagna for Christmas dinner too so I'll need to get that stuff and some breakfast stuff for Christmas morning.

The club is having a Christmas party today but I don't think I'm going to go. It's kind of an all day long event it seems like and I don't really want to do that all day. Kind of thinking of doing some Christmas shopping but don't really want to do that either haha. I have a bunch of stuff coming from Amazon but still need to get something for my parents and all the big boys. Oh and some gift cards for my brother's kids. And stocking stuffers. And.And.And. Just kidding I think that's it.
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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

We used to have Prime Beef at Xmas as well as Lasagna. Can no longer afford Beef so just lasagna. :-)
I may not be online this week so have a wonderful holiday Julie!! Merry Christmas!🌲

Julie H said...

@Peg, Merry Christmas! My parents did Prime Rib but they over cooked it every time so we talked them into just doing pasta so they don't waste their money lol

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