Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This morning I found out that my good friend was in the hospital. That's about all I knew for quite awhile. I spent all day just worried sick about her. I was finally able to go see her after work (and helping with homework) and she was feeling so much better than she had just a few hours before. I'm so glad that I was able to see her like that and not when she was in so much pain.

As I sat there with her the tears started coming. We've been friends for a really long time. I just can't imagine my life without her. Every morning and through out the day while we are at work we email (along with another friend). We talk about stupid stuff like what we had for dinner and what we're having for lunch and then other stuff like our families or whatever is on our minds that day. It's a daily ritual and now we even do it a bit on the weekends.

I first met these two friend when our oldest girls were only 5 years old. They were in Daisy Girl Scouts together. I had signed up to be an assistant leader. One of them was also an assistant leader and the other one was the cookie mom. Who would have known that we'd be such good friends 14 years later?

To think that one of us is so sick and we can't fix it? Feels HORRIBLE. She might have to have surgery. They will decide tomorrow if it has to be done now or later. I'm hoping she can wait so that she can have it done laparoscopically instead of cut so that the healing time will be much faster. Not having to have surgery at all would be even better but that might not be an option.

I'm just so glad to know that she's ok. The fact that we were supposed to run her first 5k this Saturday together kind of bites the big one. She was totally ready! All day today I kept thinking she's got to be so pissed that she's not going to be able to run on Saturday haha. Sure enough we talked about that quite a bit while I was there visiting. Good thing there are a lot of races! We'll just have to find another one as soon as she's ready to run.

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Chris H said...

How lovely to have friendships that long... and that close. I hope your friend is feeling way better now.

Unknown said...

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