Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Cleaning Sorting Babies

Jess sent me this picture of the baby in another one of his black Friday jammies <3

I checked the weather and there wasn't any rain in the forecast so I put my free table stuff back out. I added a box of wire edge ribbon and yarn to it after this picture and those went quick. I added some other stuff too while I was cleaning.

I worked on going through the craft boxes. I'm down to one smaller box of scrapbook type stuff and a box of what I think is vintage sheets. I had another box with vintage sheets that I'm going to send through the washer. I used to buy them to resell or use for fabric. We'll see what I have when they come out and what department of the room they will go in lol.

One box was old fabric, like my original box of fabric I had from wayyy back. I found these appliques I had used to make Jessica sweatshirts when she was tiny. Anyone remember puff paint? There are some boy characters in there I think I'll make the baby some just for fun.

she had a black eye from falling off my bed :(

The rest of the fabric I put on boards to put away. Except I don't really have any room to put them away. I need to sew faster or sell some!

I also found this original Nemo fabric, no idea what I had bought that for 

I had a box of patterns too, these are all uncut so can go up on my Etsy store. I have two small boxes of cut ones to go through and see if they are worth checking the pieces. That takes a long time so maybe I'll do one a day or something.

I should have worked on putting the kitchen and living room back together a bit but Scott still needs to do the baseboards so everything would have to be pulled out again. 

I got those boxes out of the entry way so I guess I can paint it now. Super excited to do that (nope).  We'll see what today brings!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Do you find a lot goes from the free table? Smart idea. I love the baby pix!

Julie H said...

@Peg, probably about 1/4th of it goes depending on what I'm cleaning out lol

Monty Mehra said...
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