Friday, December 11, 2020

So much stuff

Woohoo it's Friday!!
Work is a little slow this week which makes it more exciting for it to be Friday.

Look at this little nugget in his jammies I bought on Black Friday lol. Some people buy TV's I buy baby clothes. 

Ugh. Yesterday I cleaned up all the lids to these boxes we pulled out of the shed last week or so. One box had disintegrated so that stuff is in the open one there. Why do I have so much crafty crap? I need to work on putting this stuff away/going through it/getting rid of some more stuff.

I was looking through all the paint sample books I have. What do you think of these? If I'm going to get a gray couch I think I'd paint the walls the light gray, trim middle and doors dark. What would you do?

I'm going to repaint the entry way and kitchen too.

I have the dilemma of should we try to get the living room texturing done and paint before we put up a Christmas tree? I also really want to get some furniture before Christmas since the kids will be here. What's funny is if you look for furniture online you get a ton of ads for it so now I'm seeing all kinds of cute stuff lol.

My craft room/office is a mess right now. Tina doesn't seem to mind though. She hangs out with me in here most of the time. Tubby could care less about me. She's in love with Scott lol.

This is the look I get about every 2 hours now. MOM, I NEED TO GO POTTY!! Every time I feel slightly stressed he thinks he has to go potty right now. I think maybe this is like a therapy dog thing where he can sense how I'm feeling or something. 

The forecast says it's going to rain. Lets pray there is no thunder for my super sensitive guy here!

Weekend plans are to finish up these masks I'm working on (might get those done tonight) and then maybe pitch in on working on the living room to get that shit going. Might go buy some paint....


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