Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Working and Working

I don't have any new pictures for you today. Yesterday I spent most of the day putting those patterns I found onto my Etsy shop. I realized I forgot two after I thought I was done so I'll do those today. 

When I got done with that I went through and pulled some patterns that weren't selling from my store and put them  on a Facebook group for $1 each and sold 11 (if they all pay) so far so at least they are still moving out of my house. I'll just donate whatever is left next time I do a donation run (I usually put an X on them so I don't rebuy them on accident if I shop there lol)

I've been selling a few mug cozies from my other Etsy shop almost every day so that is nice! Here's a link to that shop if you want to check out my stuff. I need to work on adding some more stuff to it. 

I need to figure out what the heck I'm going to do for the rest of the Christmas presents. I think I might just bite the bullet and mask up and go out one day and hit the stores. I'll probably just go to Wal Mart since that is where we got the majority of the stuff last year. I hate Wal Mart and haven't been in there since before the pandemic started but they have the most crap in one place.

So far I got two things I ordered online. I think a few more things are coming today. I did get two things I bought for the baby that aren't even Christmas presents. A baby's first Christmas ornament and some cute Christmas jammies :)

Hopefully Scott feels like working on the trim today. If not I am just going to clean everything up and we can do it later. We need to go find some furniture and get a Christmas tree. 

Oh funny story, Scott does his 90 year old mother's grocery shopping and as he says she always likes to throw him a "curve ball". Yesterday it was canned ham. I think I maybe bought a canned ham sometime in my early years of being a wife but honestly I couldn't even remember if they are refrigerated lol. I asked my FB friends where one would find a canned ham and everyone said in the meat department by the deli meats and cheese and they were right. Scott said they were on the top shelf with just the sides showing. He put a couple label out so the next person could find them lol.

Ok that's all I've got for you today. Have a good day everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Walmart curbside pickup, maybe, if your Walmart has it? Shopping online, but picking up in person - that way, you're not having to go into the store (or at least spending less time in the store), *and* you get the stuff that day.

Julie H said...

@Anon- I don't know what to buy lol

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