Saturday, January 4, 2020

Sick & Watching Movies

I was up all night coughing so dragged myself to the Urgent Care this morning. I would have been the first one there but some guy walking behind me took the stairs and I took the elevator.

Just like I thought I most likely have bronchitis or will have it soon. He said my ears weren't looking that great either. Hoping my meds kick in soon. I finally fell asleep for a little bit after I took an Advil cold and sinus and used some nose spray (generic Flonase). 

I haven't done anything important today but sleep through about half of the Anne with an E series (3) I've been watching. The series is good but I've accepted that they are now so far away from the books it's it's own being now. The only thing that is the same is the character names. Interesting enough to watch, but it will never be the original. (Just read season 3 will be the last)

On New Years Day before I was full blown sick my friend and I went and saw Little Women. The movie bounces back and forth in time which was rather annoying. I'm sure if anyone didn't know the story they would have been utterly confused. I had a hard time too since Little Women (1994) is one of my favorite movies too. 

I felt like the new Jo must have watched the old Jo's performance. She seemed to have the same way of speaking and mannuerisms as Winona Ryder's character. In the end I liked the movie but I did have to seperate the old one from the new in my head. Weird how that works haha. I just LOVED Christian Bale as Teddy in the older one. The new guy was this tiny little twig. Maybe it's because I'm like 26 years older now too... I thought I had the older movie on DVD but don't. I'll have to look for that one next time I go to the thrift store. It's not on Netflix or Prime either (unless I want to pay $3 to rent it). 

While I was looking for that I came across How to Make an American Quilt and watched that. Still a good one! I love how it shows how one decision we make can change our lives forever. 

THEN I watched The Talented Mr Ripley since it had been so long since I saw that I could only remember that someone died on a boat. Wow what a movie that one is. Kind of leaves you on a cliff hanger on what happened next too. Did he get found out? What happened to the guy's body?  (also just saw this was a TV show in the 50's..)

Did I mention I've been sick? I never just lay in bed but I've been there about 1/2 the day for the last 3.  I ended up watching the latest season of Good Girls too. The younger sisters eyebrows drive me crazy in that show. 

Ok now to try and do a little bit of sewing. I've been working on some zip bags when I'm not laying on my bed. 
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Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I had to go look at the eyebrows. You are right!! They don't look right! I saw a gal with the eyebrows that you stamp on...Oh, my!! It looked so silly!! lol! Things like that are such a distraction for me...

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