Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Lazy evening

So tired tonight. I got nothing accomplished! After work I went to the gas station, then ran into the store to get a couple things for the soup I was going to make. My friend texted me when I got home and said come hang out at the bar for a bit so I did. I was only going to stay for a little while but ended up staying until after 8 just hanging out. I only had a soda and ended up getting a quesadilla so that was dinner lol. No pictures even what a bad blogger.

I sold a few things today. I had put a few books on "auction" on eBay last week when I was sick and 2 out of three of them sold. Just for the starting bid price but hey they were pretty much free so that's $20 I didn't have before (before fees so about $15 lol)

It was like book day because I sold 2 more books on Etsy.  

Ok I'm going to bed "early" it's almost 10pm so not really early. So exhausted today. On the plus side I just took my blood pressure and it was 120/69 so way better. Still waiting for my blood test results to come back though. I'm hoping I can see them online without having to get the results from the doctor. One can hope!

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