Friday, January 3, 2020

Happy New Year!

Boy the years sure go by fast the older you get, don't they?

We rang in the new year down at the club house. We had a standing pork roast dinner. Mine was just "ok" my green beans and apple were under cooked so a bit disappointing for a $25 dinner.

Around 10 I asked Scott if he wanted to go home but he said no so we hung out until midnight. Next year maybe we'll just stay home.

I would have liked to this year but my friend always pressures me to help out with the parties. I manned the pull tab table for a few hours but that's all I helped with this time.

I was cracking up at this item for the raffle, the lady that does these is having bad dementia, probably forgot Made In China isn't desireable.

I felt a little bit sick but now I'm all the way sick. I've been home yesterday and today with the death cough. Hopefully I don't end up with bronchitis.

Also hoping I'll be good for work on Monday. I had a low grade fever for awhile last night too so that's not good.

My friend Cassi, me and friend Traci

 Hope everyone is having a healthier Happy New Year than me so far haha.

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