Friday, January 31, 2020


Happy Friday! Work is so boring today, all I have to work on is these old files I've been working on all week. I'm tired of working on them. No one is ever going to look at them anyways, I'm just doing extra stuff for busy work. 

Today Scott and his friends are off to Colorado for the annual guys weekend to hang out and watch the Super Bowl. I hope he has fun! He hardly does anything that doesn't involve us or work so it's good for him to have a guys weekend. Yesterday he went and got a hair cut, new pants and shoes. I was like do you have a new girlfriend? Guess hanging out with the guys is worth getting cleaned up haha.

Not sure what my plan is for the weekend. I was hoping to work on organizing my new book shelves I bought for myself. But WHOMP WHOMP I bought the wrong size! They were like 1/2 the size in every direction of what I actually wanted. I put one in the craft room to see if I could "make it work" and it was a no!

My friend bought one off of me and a girl at work said she'd buy the other 2 so I'm not out money TG. Still haven't bought the ones I want yet. Thinking I might just go look at actual stores instead of online and get them that way. That way if they turn out to not be what I want they are easier to return.

I cleaned up my craft room a little bit yesterday. I had a bunch of crap that had got tossed in, so got that cleaned up. I am probably going to work on sewing some more of the zip bags this weekend and do a bit of Etsy listing (maybe). We'll see! Saturday night I'm going to my mom's for dinner but other than that it will just be me and Trevor home alone all weekend.

This morning I paid my sales tax for 2019. I really need to stop being lazy and collect sales tax at my booth events. Going to have to break out the cash box and get change. The extra hassle is worth not losing a couple hundred dollars in bottom line profit!

Nothing too exciting has happened all week. Bunco Monday night (didn't win anything), and last night we hung out at the bar for a little bit but that's about it.

I did make a couple dinners

This chicken recipe was the bomb, I will definitely make this again. Horrible picture, I took my good light into the craft room lol.

I've made this soup a million times. It's a crock pot/Instant Pot recipe but I almost always end up making it on the stove. 

Last night I made this meatball "casserole" and Scott kept saying how good it was. Definitely no left overs of that! I did add some cooked pasta shells to the bottom of my skillet before I put it back into the oven. I'd have to buy a lot more meat if I didn't include a carb of some kind for my 2 big guys.

Etsy was slow all week but I finally had a few sales. Someone bought the 2nd pattern here on the top row through the last pattern on the 2nd row. It came up to over $35 so Etsy's "free shipping over $35 promotion" came in play. So I had this sheet that weighs over a pound, 2 patterns, a couple small books and a big heavy book to ship for free. I got burned a bit on that one. I ended up sending it in 2 packages so it cost me over $10 to ship with the "cheaper" ways.  
I've had that sheet in my store forever and I was going to take it out and just cut it up for fabric but forgot. Oh well live and learn!

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RO said...

I know you have an Etsy store, which is very cool by the way, but I was wondering do you take special requests from people, and if so, how much would you charge? RO -
Thanks a bunch and Happy Friyay! RO

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