Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Just Sewing Along

Well it's Tuesday already! Scott has been gone since Friday having a boys weekend. He should be home about the time we go to bed tonight! Trevor and I have been living off teenager food lol. Last night we had nachos for dinner.

I'll be happy for him to get back to taking the dogs out at 5am. It's freaking cold out.

I have been sewing away trying to finish off my stack of these zip bags so that I can do something else. I'm ALMOST there. I should be able to finish what I have left tonight.  That was a lot of bags I cut out! Actually it's not even all the ones I cut out just what I had zippers and batting for. Still mostly "animal" fabrics but a few others I had in my bin made it through too.

I've been watching a lot of You Tube videos lately and came across Scraptastic Patchwork. She's doing a big reorganization/destash. Interesting to watch ;) I try to organize as I go and I've pretty much stopped buying fabric unless it's at the thrift store. Eventually I'll have my book cases I want (don't know why my mind is not working on just getting those lol) and everything all pretty. One thing I've notices is most people who like sewing with scraps can't let go of fabric down to the tiny little pieces. I cut down to 1 1/2 inches for my key chains and anything smaller than that gets sent to someone I met online who makes crumb quits. Part of me is like I could use those myself and then the other part of me is like OMG you have 15 totes of fabric just LET IT GO haha.

I think after I get done with these bags I'm going to pull out some denim that I've saved to re-purpose along with some embroidered linens and make up some fun stuff with those. I am going to have to order some more zippers though ;)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

cry me a river about how cold it is Julie.
I walked Izzy at 5:15 today but it was glorious - 50 degree.
We are having some kind of weird heat wave. 65 yesterday and again today.
I'm loving it but I saw it will be a high of 28 tomorrow. :-(
Try walking a dog at 5am when it in the teens.
Boy that can wake you up!!!

Annsterw said...

I do not have a dog so I do not have to walk outside in the cold in the morning - HA! The cats jump right in their litter box! I don't know how dog owners do it? Too much for me! HA! You are sewing up a storm - they look great and I love all the different patterns of fabric you have! Safe travels home for Scott tonight~!

RO said...

No dog, but cold weather is my friend.(lol) Unfortunately, I live in the wrong state to get much of it, and right now we're in a heat wave of 60 and 70 degree weather in February! Ugh Wow! Kudos to you for getting so much sewing done. That's a skill I wish I had, because I have some clever ideas.(lol) Happy New Year! Hugs, RO

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