Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Another Fun Weekened $$

Saturday I spent my day at the mall in Pleasanton. This was my first time having a booth at this mall and only the 2nd weekend the organizer had anyone set up there.

When I got there the people set up on both sides of me were saying that they had not had very good sales the weekend before.

 I was like ah crap this is going to be a waste of a day. BUT surprisingly I did pretty well!

This is not my favorite set up because I feel like I'm so far away from the customers walking by. I'm glad I have my taller folding chair (from Ikea) so I can be up higher and see over my key chain racks.

I kind of felt like maybe the two girls next to me would have done better if they would have had a better attitude. Also the one girl wasn't dressed very nice and maybe that would have helped her out a bit too. This mall is a bit more upscale. 

For the first time I charged sales tax on ALL my sales. I used to just charge it on the card sales to make it easier but that ended up with me having to pay a lot of the taxes out of my profits in January. I figured out how to use my Square app for cash sales. It worked great since I could put in what I sold and it calculated the tax (it's 9.25% in Pleasanton isn't that crazy!) and then I could put in what tender they gave me and it would tell me the change. 

Also it was fun to see what I sold. Before I would just count my start and end money and call it good.

I probably would have sold more wine bags if I had them. That's on my to do list of things to make altough I don't really enjoy making them all that much. 

The gal that organizes the events asked me if I'd do a booth at a very popular outlet mall. She's still negotiating the prices but if it happens then I will put the wine bags at a higher price since it's a richer shopping area (and wine country)

I raised up my key chain price to $5 and at first I wasn't selling any but sold some later. I need to make some more unique ones of those too. 

I'm at a work conference/training thing all week this week so no sewing. I debated on bringing something to work on but the training days are pretty long so figured I'd be too tired to work on projects. 

Did I tell you guys one of my new favorite You Tuber's? Her name is Evelyn Wood and she refashiones thrift store clothes usually into some kind of vintage style. I dont really like sewing adult clothes but she is cute and fun to watch.

Ok off to watch some You Tube videos in my quiet hotel room with no furry buddies. :( I hung out in the bar for a bit and socialized and then everyone I was hanging out with left. I went to the bathroom and debated finding a new group to hang with or going up to my room and obviously the room won haha. 

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Enjoy your quiet evenings. I sometimes wish I could just go check into a hotel for a weekend - alone! The idea of the bed to myself, sleeping without a dog waking me at 5am and to just be alone. I love my husband and dog but I work from home and I work with my spouse. Do you know how much this can be sometimes? Yea, a weekend in a hotel alone would do me fine.

Julie H said...

@Peg it was great, I totally slept all night (well after I figured out how to stop making a night light switch reflect into the mirror I could see lol)

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