Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Day 2 Down

Well I'm here, in my room back from Karaoke Night in the hotel bar! Talk about some crazy shiznit. I mostly just watched and laughed and sang along and maybe danced a tiny bit.

Some people are freaking crazy.

I've seen one girl drinking since at least 5:30 and last I saw she was going in for some shots with a drink at 11. Like how do you even function the next morning.

So today started out with our mandatory "breakfast" which was some fruit, some muffins, oatmeal (gag) and yogurt (gag) and little boxes of cereal (like Froot Loops? Who eats that?).  I took one muffin and a little bit of fruit and then spent the rest of the day being hungry.

The big wig "chief" came and did a talk, it was actually pretty good and I got all teary when he was talking about how his wife died and stuff.

In between everyone they kept wanting us to applaud this person and that person and lets give this person another round of applause. Like wtf aren't they just doing their jobs? No one gives me a round of applause lol.

After breakfast we went to our "classes" I'm doing a class on civil rights which is partially being taught by someone with such a thick accent I can barely understand her. Seems mostly like a time suck since we worked on that before and after lunch and only got through the first section. Like OMG I have 2 more days of this class.

Lunch was extra fancy and "mandatory". They actually served this one at the table.  They had 2 options we had to pick ahead of time, chicken or vegetarian. I had the chicken, which came with some rice, a tiny bit of vegetables, a sad little salad with fancy greens a roll. I felt like I could have eaten a whole nother plate lol. After inhaling that they served us some key lime pie.

While we were eating there was someone that I think was trying to give a motivational speech of some sort but it was so loud I didn't get much out of it. Well just more applause.

Did I mention how much coffee I drank today?  Our classroom was like -20 inside so everyone was drinking coffee just to warm up and have a hot cup for their hands.

Dinner was also "mandatory" I was starving to I just went for the food. I've realized no one is making us sign in for all these mandatory meals. It's a good thing I didn't bring my own car because I'd just be driving off to find something better to eat. For dinner I had a bunch of vegetables (that was like the whole first section I went through), a little piece of chicken, little piece of beef, little bit of pasta, little pieces of bread and oh a little potato. Everyone was like OH I'm so stuffed. Apparently I'm a fatty because I was like eh I could go for some crackers lol. 

The rest of the dinner was this "tech show" was all just science crap related to my job but nothing I really gaf about. I'm a data entry type position not a soil scientist. Three of us went for a walk and we found a gas station with a little store so I bought some snacks (and a couple Diet Cokes-they are $1.75 a can in the lobby).

I went up to my room for a little bit and then we went down to the bar. So we've come full circle. I can't believe I have 2 more full days here. I feel like I've been here forever and I'm so tired of talking to people. Give me a hotel room and some You Tube and I'm good lol. At some point I want to go down to a Goodwill I saw that's less than a mile away. I should probably take our work vehicle but I might just walk. Guess I won't buy too much if I do that right?

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I think I'd google restaurants nearby and take an UBER and get a real meal.
Get dessert to bring back to your room.
Then I'd sit in my hotel room, eat my dessert, forgo the drinking at the bar and enjoy your TV/YouTube and call it a night. I'm more anti-social than most so that is what I'd do.

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