Monday, January 20, 2020

Sewed Away Monday

Ahh it was a nice day home. I didn't use the steroid inhaler this morning but I think I will use it before bed. My chest is feeling a little tight. 

Here was my little helper from yesterday and today. Usually it's her sister that hangs out with me but they traded. Tiny Tina isn't quite so tiny anymore.

I spent most of the day sewing up more bags. Got all the "bird" prints done.

Next I'm going to work on butterflies, lady bugs and bees. I think there's a couple more random insect prints in there lol. I cut all these out awhile back so it's just assembling them.

Sold one more item (as of 9pm)

I watched the weirdest Joaquin Pheonix movie today called The Master. So so weird. 

I also watched Julie & Julia, love that movie. I looked up the Julie gal and I guess she wrote a 2nd book but then people didn't like it because her and her husband both had affairs or something like that. Might have to check it out for curiosity sake. 

After those I went back to watching You Tube people. Less to think about lol. There is this one You Tuber named "Taco Stacks" and he basically drives around wasting gas to trash pick. In today's episode he said he took the scrap to the scrap yard and got like $13. THIRTEEN DOLLARS. Gas is like $3 plus a gallon most places around here. Plus it was like 18 degrees and he got up before the sun. Seems like a total waste of time. This guy has 215 THOUSAND followers. I just don't get it. People send him gifts and gift cards. He just seems like a whiney guy to me but hey what do I know. These times are strange I tell ya. (I unsubscribed from this guy after awhile but his stuff still auto plays in my stream when I'm not paying attention and I'm too lazy to skip it.) Maybe I should become a You Tuber and you can hear me complain in videos. Would you send me Subway gift cards? 

For dinner I made Turkey & Rice Casserole. We didn't have any carrots (didn't put them on the list because I didn't think someone was going to eat 1/2 a bag of carrots before I got to them), I used breadcrumbs instead of a slice of bread and I didn't have water chestnuts or tarragon (subbed fennel seed since that is what I could find for a sub online lol). I'm thinking it would have been a bit better with all the correct ingredients but it was ok. Oh and I added a bit of parmesan to the topping too.

The topping defintely made the meal. I need to start setting the table. We've all been eating in weird places. Would be nice to actually sit at the table and talk to each other.  Maybe tomorrow ;)

I have enough turkey left for one more recipe. I think I have 2 saved so I need to figure out which one I want to make. Should I make Turkey & Dumpling Soup or Turkey Corn Chowder? Both sound good to me! I'm glad the turkey is almost gone because I'm getting tired of it. Of course I had it for lunch the last 2 days too. Tomorrow I'll probably go out to lunch at work. I've got a hankering for a big delicous burrito.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I did not get a day off but it was so slow.
I made enchiladas for dinner. Mine of course were corn tortillas but Rick's were flour. He tasted mine and said, "wow mine are so much better!" Yea I know, you didn't need to rub it in. :-)
Rick has had this cough since January 6th. I'm over it!

Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

Glad you are finally feeling better!! My favorite YouTube channels are Keep Your Day Dream, Lifestyle Overland, and Venture4wd. Just in case you want to see something new. ;-)

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