Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Made It Through

Made it through almost a full day of work today. I say almost because I went to get lab work done this morning and missed the first 1 1/2 hours of work.  I'm pretty sure it's just going to come back that I like ice cream too much and have ate my stress for the last 2 years.

Yesterday I went to the doctor and since "I" pointed out that every time I go there I have high pressure I am now on high blood pressure meds. (It's high at home too). I'm past the point of thinking I'll just lose some weight and into the realization that I don't want to stroke out. Really I'm just hoping the buzzing in my ears goes away. They have been doing that for quite awhile now and it's really annoying. I've been doing better about eating out (and hey I haven't went to the bar at all since NYE since I've been sick lol) so I think that's the first baby step to losing some weight.

And back to ME pointing out that I have high blood pressure.. I'm thinking maybe I should get a new doctor. Like wtf why aren't you even noticing that it was high when they took it? Also he kind of scoffed at me when I mentioned that my daughter did 23 and Me and it showed we have something genetic. He scoffed after the "23 and me" part, before I even got to what it was.  Apparently he doesn't hold any stock in DNA tests that show you have genes that can cause issues in your health?

Anyhow, I also left there with a steriod inhaler, fancy cough syrup that has a label saying I might become an addict if I drink too much of it and a new regular inhaler since the one in my purse expired in 2015.  I think the steroid inhaler is helping a lot. Still coughing but not as much.

I spent pretty much all morning before my appointment listing things on Etsy & eBay. I only had one sale though. 3 Barbie Patterns. I'll take it!

After the Dr I went to Goodwill which they have rearranged into CHAOS with narrow aisles in the hardgoods section. I didn't buy anything. I took the chance and went to see if this little hole in the wall thrift store was open and it was. I ended up buying some lace and one craft pattern for $7. It's out in the car though so no pictures today haha. 

I WAS going to make dinner but I got sucked into CHEER on Netflix. I just clicked on it thinking it was probably some teeny bopper movie and I ended up watching all the episodes (ending at midnight-yawn, I fell asleep a little a few times lol). It was so good! I have a new found respect for the big bow athletes! 

Scott ended up making dinner when he got home. I forgot to take a picture since my friend Cassi dropped by right when it got done. We had pork chops and scalloped potatoes. I just realized I left a couple of items off my shopping list but I think it will be fine since I have been thawing out the turkey I had in the freezer. Time to get that bad boy cooked up (Saturday) so it will stop hogging all my freezer space haha. 

Ok off to read a couple blogs before I drag myself into the kitchen to make dinner. Cya around!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie glad the cough is a bit better. Hubby is taking his inhaler all the time, his cough is off the charts. As for your doctor. I would see another with his response and lack of doing anything about your blood pressure before. A cardiologist sometimes is the one to see for this if you have one. But why would you? You're young. Get a new doc. When you had lost all that weight did you have high blood pressure then? I hate aging and medicine and all this crap!

Julie H said...

@Peg, no I never had high blood pressure until this last year. The cardiologist that everyone loves is that asshat that my husband saw. Never will I go to him!

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