Monday, January 20, 2020

Happy Monday!

The best thing about my job is getting paid holidays off! Scott had to go to work today so it's just Trevor and I here at home. 

Etsy sales for the weekend

I woke up to 8 mug cozies being sold wooho. I have a sale for all "heart" cozies and that's what someone bought. (I put several together in one listing and then you can choose which one, That way I only get charged for one listing instead of 3)

I didn't work on my Etsy stores at all this weekend. Just sewing. I should probably book some craft shows since I haven't done that yet. Now that I'm back in the land of the living that is. Sheesh that was a rough one. Still coughing a phlemmy cough every so often but nothing like the pee your pants crack your ribs cough.

I finally finished sewing up all the Cat & Dog theme "sunglasses cases" which are really just padded zip bags. I usually sell a lot of them at my craft shows and I went through all my animal fabrics and cut things out and put the fabrics on the comic boards. I might have talked about that already though. Eventually I'll get a couple more book cases so I can get rid of all the plastic tote boxes I have my fabric in. That will give me about 12" more inches of room space too. 

I also fixed my comforter that was falling apart. I felt like I should have just tossed it since it was bad but now that I've fixed it it's almost good as new. Good for a few more washings and winter lol. I keep looking for a new one but all the ones I like are super expensive which is stupid because the animals all lay on my bed and I have to wash them all the time.

 Silly dog

I cooked a turkey on Saturday. I always buy one when they are super cheap around Thanksgiving. I got tired of it taking up the freezer so finally thawed it out. So we had a little Thanksgiving like meal on Saturday

Turkey pot pie Sunday, and I'm going to make a casserole for dinner tonight.

Oh and I made turkey broth too :)

I watched a ton of Netflix the last couple of days. 

Grace & Frankie
The Fall From Grace
Killer Inside The Mind of Aaron Hernandez

And Disney Plus (one of my kids paid for it so I got to use it lol)

Pollyanna  & Parent Trap (old one)
I wish they had the other Hayley Mills movies. I love Summer Magic and the Trouble with Angels but they don't have those on there.

Also a miracle happened! I got ALL the laundry done. So freaking crazy.  It's great not feeling like crap I tell ya! Well time to get busy and do some more sewing, starting with BIRDS today haha. Have a good day everyone!
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R's Rue said...

Congrats on your sales.

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