Thursday, January 16, 2020

It's Friday Eve

Who's excited for the weekend?? I know I am so ready to sleep in on Saturday. One more day to go.
I saw this car yesterday. Kind of hilarious. The only person I'm paying to pick up dog crap is my kid. Well maybe Scott if he'd actually do it haha.

Today at work I went and pulled out my left overs I brought for lunch. SURPRISE, that was the left over UNCOOKED ground turkey not the yummy cooked food I thought it was going to be. Lucky for me I had some other left overs still at work and ate those with my salad. Well not like I couldn't have went out and got something but I've been trying to not do that as much.

After work I went to the thrift store that has .10 books on Thursdays and .10 sewing patterns all the time. I spent $7.80 for a bag full of stuff. Not much to sell though. 

Pretend this is sideways. I got a couple kids books to keep (I collect the I Can Read Books and I don't think I have the Whales one yet).

The fire cat! I already have this book but it's one of my favorites from when I was a kid so I couldn't leave it behind. If it's not worth anything for resale maybe I'll give it to my little niece.

Thought this old A's playbook would be some entertainment for Scott. He's snoring at the moment so we'll see what he thinks when he's awake lol.

Pretend this isn't upside down. I got a planning Creative Memories box with pages and page protectors! I have one of these boxes from back in the day when I sold CM. I keep picking up pages when I find them for "some day" when I get back to scrapbooking lol. I have a lot of stuff sitting in process and poor Trevor's have a way to go to get caught up. This was my big purchase ($6 lol)

A few patterns (the bag one is cut so that's for me to maybe make up)

I might keep these since they don't sell for much, 2 Stampin Up catalog/idea books (good for reference too). I also got 2 vintage pillow cases that need a little washing up.

Here is the lace and pattern I got the other day at the little thrift store for $7 and some change. Not sure how she came up with the total since I thought the lace was $1 each but it's all for charity so whatever lol.

Here is what I sold the last 2 days on Etsy. Not big sales but sales of any kind are still good.

For dinner tonight I made this Skinnytase Crockpot Chicken Taco Chili but on the stove and with ground turkey since I forgot to put the chicken on the grocery list. It was super spicy. What's up with all these over spiced dishes lately sheesh. I had to add some sour cream to tone it down a bit. I also made some more cornbread because you have to have cornbread with chili right?

Ok I did all my to do's for tonight. I'm going to go lay on my bed and watch some more Grace & Frankie. I thought I might have finished it last night but I still have several episodes to go. That's what happens when you take fancy cough syrup and fall asleep lol.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I take it the cough syrup is working.
And yes, you must have cornbread with chili.
I like jalapenos in my cornbread ….okay now I think I'll make chili this weekend.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Julie H said...

@Peg, it's actually the inhaler that is helping! Still coughing but not nearly as bad.

Chris H said...

I can't believe anyone would pay to get their dog's poop picked up! Crazy. I hope you are feeling better? I steer clear of ANYTHING that has 'Chilli' in the description! I can't stand anything that is HOT! Well... except Stew of course. lol

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