Wednesday, March 22, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday!

Look at our cute binky bear. She went to the Dr. yesterday. No ear infection, just teething. She has a bump on he back of her head and they said it is fine just a nodule. She got two shots while she was there. 

I had darts last night, here is our updated team. The gal on the left is the new player. I got 3 low tons and won the last game so that was exciting. I think our team won 5 out of 7 games. 

Tonight I am going to the levee watch command center aka the board room from 4-8. Duties include making sure there is coffee in the coffee pot lol.  Last night I had a can of soup for dinner, might end up doing the same for tonight.

Today's plan is to finish cleaning up my misc pieces of fabric all over my sewing room and finish putting my listings on Whatnot. I was missing a picture last night when I was working on it so have to pull one thing out again.

It is raining AGAIN this morning. Ugh. Go away already. So sick of the rain. 


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