Wednesday, January 10, 2024


Good morning happy Wednesday!
I think I might have to get a sub for darts tomorrow since I'm still coughing. UGH! On day 10 of being sick. My nose gets stuffed every once in awhile too so it's not just my lungs. Yesterday the Dr prescribed codeine cough syrup and amoxicillin. I got a new inhaler too. Still coughed a ton last night. Scott is probably ready to go sleep at his mom's house again lol. He's been sleeping on the couch and I know I've still kept him up. I just took my 2nd antibiotic so if things don't start improving soon I'm going to have to go to Urgent Care since the dr's office doesn't want me to actually come in if I'm coughing. I took another Covid test this morning and that is still negative too.

I'm thinking next step is to deep clean my room. Maybe there is something in there triggering me. Although I still cough in the sewing room at night when the sun goes down so who knows.

Here is my lavender rag quilt! I wish I had spaced out those darker squares better. Oh well too late now. I didn't realize I had them bunched together like that. 

It is really pretty though!

Yesterday I worked on my book keeping since I need to do my sales tax report soon. Almost done with that! I just need to add in my eBay sales and I'll have all my accounts receivables done. eBay says it pays all the sales tax for you though so it's just for overall sales to add I guess.  I haven't sold much on eBay until last year and also had sales tax reports to do. Should probably finish that today and then I don't have to think about it anymore. I wish they didn't have it due until next month or so then all the tax stuff could get done at once.

Having a work meeting in 15 minutes with all the people that do my job in our area and our boss. Like a catch up meeting. What have you been working on? Nothing... The work system was down for almost two days so I do have a few things to do today at least. I was starting to think it got hacked. Still might have or something. Kind of crazy that it all disappeared for two days.

Ok off to do the important stuff!


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