Monday, January 1, 2024



This about sums me up this year lol

Scott and I went down to the bar around 8:30 or so and hung out until almost midnight when they started closing the bar because there was a fight outside on the deck. Also someone fell in the bar and couldn't get up for a good 15 minutes. Hazards of being a big person and being drunk. You can't get up off the floor! So that was the excitement of the night lol

Before people falling, hanging out with my friend Carol. We were all crying together. Her husband died 3 years ago yesterday (or close to it). He was taken by ambulance on the 19th and she never got to see him again because it was during the whole Covid shut down and they wouldn't let her be with him. How horrible is that? 

My FB memories are like 10 years of NYE parties with my friend Traci. I couldn't even look at them :(
Ok no more crying! 

Ready to cut the seams up on this rag quilt! I bought some color catchers to put in with it when I wash it. Hoping the red doesn't bleed into the white. I probably should have washed the red a couple times before sewing it together. 

Yesterday I went to my friend's (of a friend mostly) house and picked up an under bed tote full of fabric, a crate with fabric and then she gave me a bunch more wood crates that are great for craft shows. Not sure what I'm going to do with them yet. Might use them in the sewing room too. I'll take them out of the car eventually lol. The under bed tote is still in the car too.

After I went to Joann's in Modesto and mostly got thread to refill the empty spots in my thread display. They were buy 3 get 3 free. I spent some time fixing their display for a lot of spools that were in the wrong spot lol. They didn't have all the ones I needed but I filled a bunch of spots. I got a piece of lion fabric that was on clearance and five yards of batting for more rag quilts too.  I figure if I can't sell the rag quilts I'll just give them away. Mostly just using up stuff that didn't cost me anything and having fun doing it. After the valentines ones I need to make the baby one. I think I will make a vintage sheet one too. 

Today's plan are to sew and be lazy haha. I went to the store yesterday and got a pork roast and have it in the crock pot for pulled pork sandwiches. 

I was coughing a bit last night and a bit this morning so hoping I'm not getting sick :( Was really hoping I escaped getting the crud everyone had on Christmas. Fingers crossed!

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