Saturday, October 8, 2022


Good morning happy Saturday! My little Daniel is TWO YEARS old today already! Seems like he's been here forever and can't imagine life without him.

We will party later! All his stuff I ordered showed up so I just have to pick up the cake later. I put for 12 but I guess I don't actually have to pick it up then since the party is at 4 lol.

So far seems like they have it under control so I can just sip my coffee and sew this morning. And wash my clothes ;) 

Yesterday I got this big pile already for a round on the sewing machine! I started watching Alone on Netflix, it starts off slow but it is good.  The one on there is season 6 so might have to see if the rest are somewhere I can watch. 

I ran out of keychain hooks so I'll have to order some more. Also some more zippers since my colors are running low. Always something else to buy. I think when I finish these I will work on some wine bags. My scrap can is over flowing too though so I'll probably go through that first. 

That's it for this morning but I'll have lots of pictures tomorrow! Along with Daniel's party there is a Tiki party at our friends house tonight. We'll see if we make it over there too.

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