Friday, October 28, 2022

 Good morning happy Friday! Sadly I'm in the office today. I have a couple applications I saved to work on here and then what? I don't know lol. If I get bored I guess I can clean up this mess they left on the desk next to me. Or not. 

I did a ton of sewing yesterday but I didn't feel like cleaning my desk off to take pictures so I'll have to do that later. 

Last night I watched Sins Of The Mother on Netflix, It is about Lori Vallow. What a sick puppy she is. I didn't know that her craziness came from a religious root. People are freaking nuts. 

I guess my dad is feeling great and went to pick up his coffee and paper yesterday like he always does. He picks up my niece from school every day and did that too. My mom was like flabbergasted that we all thought he might die a couple days ago and now he's back to normal. He just has to wear a sling for a few weeks for everything to heal inside. Amazing.

Ok guess I should do something productive today. Blah. 

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