Monday, August 15, 2022


Good morning happy Monday. As happy as Monday can be. Especially since I don't think I spelt much, had horrible dreams when I was sleeping and never heard my alarm go off (but it was on snooze when I went to look at it so weird). Sounds like a good day to telework.

Yesterday I spent all day cutting up the Mickey fabrics and getting to them pieced together for the right sizes.  I got tired of them around 8 and went and laid on my bed. Next step is to iron on the fleece and interfacing. I used up all the fleece I had so I'll have to go to the store before the next round. Also getting to slim pickings with my zippers. Need to order some more. Probably be out of interfacing soon too, I didn't get that part measured out yet. 

Scott came over yesterday to nap in the recliner. I guess we might get some home projects done if we outlive his mom. Maybe.  I know he's exhausted though. 

Here is Tina being a good sewing buddy yesterday

Oh wait she had to stretch haha. She's so funny when she's not knocking my stuff over.

Today's plan is to make a menu so that I can go grocery shopping after work tomorrow. I need to stop eating out so I'll be less fat and have more money haha. Although with the price of food that might be a toss up. 


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Chris H said...

Grocery prices are overboard here too. That cat is a hoot!

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