Monday, January 11, 2010

Holy Mother

F***er my legs freaking hurt!! I just went and did my little run/walk and OMG what the hell!??!! Isn't this supposed to be getting easier?? My calve cramped up so much I thought I was going to have to sit down but my daughter said she was going to go all "Jillian" on me if I did.  Amazingly that got me to at least keep walking. I had to walk through one run session because I could seriously hardly even get my foot up off the ground. And that was WITH some stretching.

Did I mention that both the girls went with me?? Jessica pretty much ran and walked with me but Melissa?? She freaking SKIPPED when it was time to run. I only bopped her once. Seriously, is it too much to ask to be 10 again?? Just for the exercise parts..

When we were almost done Jessica spied a neighbor boy (her age)  on his skateboard so she starts jogging again. He rides up to her and gives her a high five.


Me?? Barely walking wayyyy behind her.

Hello, My name is Julie and I'm a lard ass who can't run...Pin It


Alicia said... least you have some moral support there for you!! i so need to get back in the swing of things....but man, i'm lazy!

Anonymous said...

it's hard!!! Good job though you're doing great! Make sure to stretch and drink water. Take water with you. I have a little pouch that holds a water in the back, and also have a waterbottle with a hole in the middle so you can grip it while you run. I ran for about 4 months then decided I'd just rather walk.


Sara Strand said...

At least your daughter didn't run like hell to get away from you when the boy came by. :) Or you could have fell. It could have been worse. :) LOL!!

Susie said...

Julie I've tried runnning and I feel like my heart is going to explode after a minute! So keep it up you are doing awesome!

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