Saturday, January 30, 2010

Leap Year

Two of my friends and I went out to lunch today and then to the movies. We saw Leap Year. It was pretty dumb. The guy wasn't even very cute and what's up with the scruff on the neck??

Ewww totally grosses me out. 

My friend actually made gagging noises at the end when they.. oh guess that would be a spoiler. Anyhow, wait for the Redbox! Don't waste your money!

Although the scenery was BEAUTIFUL! 
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Chris H said...

The scruff on his neck is to compensate for the fact he has no chin... and is really quite unappealing!

Barb said...

We went to see "When in Rome" yesterday. Really very cute. Predictable but made me literally laugh out loud. Two thumbs up!

Susie said...

I actually thought he was kinda of hot...but my man is skinny so anything with a little meat on the bones is hot to me! LOL

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