Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Hump Day

So I'm so glad it's time for bed! Today has been blah blah blah.

Started off with having to pull Trevor out of the car to go to preschool. I drove away with him bawling in the window. So sad!!

We had a staff meeting at work today. I think they should rename them JOE MEETINGS. I swear that guy is so freaking annoying. He just loves to hear himself talk talk talk. Nevermind everyone else is stabbing themselves in the eyes while he drones on and on.

Went to lunch afterwards. Ate way too much crap and it made me sick afterwards. Nothing like spending the last 2 hours of work in the bathroom!!

Picked up Trevor after work and went to run some errands. Tried to mail my coupon trains at the UPS store but the leeches were going to charge an extra THREE dollars to mail a flat rate envelope. Yeah kiss my ass, I don't think so!!

Continued on to the grocery store and then dropped off my last check for the Bodega Bay retreat at Brenda's house. Hard to believe that's in less than a month now!!

Came home and layed on the couch to watch some tv. Woke up an hour or so later lol. Guess I was tired!! Jessica made frozen pizza's for dinner.

Trevor is on his THIRD viewing of Charlotte's Web. Kind of funny since he didn't even really want to watch it when he first put it in.

Scott's snoring away in the recliner. I'm off to bed!!Pin It

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