Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So this morning I had to get up early to drop Jessica off at her Freshman Orientation/Registration/Deposit money here day.

Here she is last night after getting her hair cut. Picture is for her myspace of course, robbed off her camera lol.

Anyhow dropped her off at 7:15. She looked so grown up with her cute hair style, black skinny jeans and cut top for her pictures.

Then I took Trevor over to my in laws since he was bouncing bouncing bouncing wanting to go over there. Took him over there and he was still bouncing.

My in laws are in their late 70's. Mother In Law is growing an avacado tree on her kitchen counter. (She can make dead sticks grow! Really I've seen it!)

FIL: Are you growing an avacado tree?
MIL: Yes
Me in my head: It's pretty freaking tall, you just noticed??
FIL: Well I don't want no more trees outside
MIL: Well then we'll have to get more potting soil so I can plant it in a planter
FIL: I hate trees grumble grumble something
MIL: You should be happy I grow trees so you can get your chain saw out and cut them up!
FIL: I hate trees
MIL: Sticks tongue out at him
Me in my head: UM ok

This is what I have to look forward to after 60 years of marriage.Pin It


Carin said...

DD is beautiful!
Your MIL and FIL make me laugh outloud!

musingwoman said...

In Dr. Seuss land, your MIL would be the Lorax and your FIL the Once-ler. :)

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