Thursday, August 21, 2008


I'm so bored I just ordered Direct TV. We have never had cable or dish since we've been out of our parents house. We have a big arial antenna on our roof but the motor died. We are down to like 3 channels.

So I just ordered it! For the kids rooms and the living room (we don't have a tv in our own room). Going to be installed on Saturday. I can't wait!

Hopefully Scott lets them do it and doesn't try to "help" too much. I thought about having them do it on Monday when he's not here but don't want to wait that long. (and really don't like having strangers in the house when I'm by myself).Pin It


jill jill bo bill said...

OMG I love my DTV! In fact I never knew how to do the parent control thing until last week. Probably where Cooper learned about sex in the first place! But I have remedied the problem and now only I can learn about sex!!

Anonymous said...

Despite being stony broke, I cannot live without my dish! And I have a DVR too so I can pause live TV, rewind, record. It is heaven in my living room - and bedroom, although not for the reasons I would prefer!

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