Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday! It's actually after noon now but I just got caught up (for a sec) on stuff to do for work. Now I see 2 more things. Everyone waiting for the last minute to send me things to upload.

Yesterday I finished up this Paw Patrol bags. I used all my Paw Patrol fabrics so those are cleaned out.  Someone bought the little bag on the left so that is nice. Now what to work on next. I should finish up this green stuff but I'm kind of tired of it. I might put it away for now. 

After I got done with those I worked on listing more stuff on eBay. I did some quilting books and have been working on a pile of patterns I've had for awhile. I still have a bunch more of those to do. Trying out eBay since it is free to list there until it sells, unlike Etsy who charges up front. I also don't like Etsy's advertising thing where is someone came to your item through a Google search they take like $2! Most of my stuff isn't that expensive so they are taking all my profit between that and the seller/shipping fees. So switching over to eBay for a bit.

It was so windy yesterday late afternoon and evening. Jess walked over with the kids and she said it wasn't windy when she started. It was so nice in the morning. She had Daniel come pick her up. Little D went right to his toys he had stashed when he left. Jess took them home for him since he liked them so much.

I played my last game of darts for the season and did horribly. The team we were playing is really good too. We only won one game out of seven. So sad lol. The guy on our teams wife is going to sub for me next week for Trevor's birthday. We got signed up for the next season, so yeah!

Desperately need to go grocery shopping. Trevor wouldn't go for me, so rude lol

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