Tuesday, February 28, 2023


Good morning! Today is Trevor's 20th birthday! No more teenagers, how weird! We are going to go out to dinner tonight. He wants to go to Mongolian BBQ. 

Yesterday I finished up the bee bags and put them on Etsy.  That's the good thing about doing non character stuff lol. I brushed up my store a bit while I was working on it. I had been letting everything expire on there since the store was kind of stale. I added back the Easter & St. Patrick's Stuff I had on there. 

not bees but it was matching the colors I was working on in my small pieces box

I think these are my favorites
I never made it out to the garage for laundry yesterday. Going to have to do a bit more today. Work is dead. I had one email this morning and already did it. 

I have a few scraps left over from the bee stuff so that will be my next project I think. 

Going to make Trevor's cake in a bit, I didn't get any ice cream yet so we'll have to work that in somewhere ;)

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