Friday, July 9, 2021

Patchwork Zip Bags & Mother In Law Visit

Good morning Happy Friday!
 I just have to work today and Monday then I will be on vacation for almost a week.

It took me all day to get these finished yesterday. I ended up taking off the yo-yos I put on 2 of them after I was done. Picky picky lol.

Yesterday I ended up having a small work project that took up part of the day and new applications keep rolling in so I have to input those. I can't wait until our funding is done for this year so we can have a tiny break.

Last night Scott had to go over to his mom's to check something on the hot water heater so I went with him. I had been thinking of his mom all day the day before. I had a nice visit while I was there. The poor house is just tired and so many things need to get fixed but they just keep taping things together. His sister was worried about how hard the back door got closed because the big window next to it is cracked. I said just slam the door and you can have a new window. I don't understand all the taping things together. Just fix the window. Drives me crazy.  Other than that his mom seemed in good spirits. She was mixing up her stories a bit that she was telling. I think she forgets I was around when things were happening haha.

Nothing too exciting going on today. Oh they are going to have a spaghetti dinner down at the club house and a soft reopening of our bar. FINALLY. The guy who is going to run it is kind of squeezy though.  Maybe he'll quit after a bit and someone else will take it over ;) Not sure if I'm going to do the dinner or not. $10 for spaghetti and I don't really even like spaghetti so we'll see. 

That's all I've got so have a nice weekend!

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