Sunday, August 16, 2009

Why you should get dressed before 4 if your kid needs crap for school.

So I finally got dressed today!

Melissa came home from her friend's house and I remembered that I told her she could get her hair cut today. Plus Jess needed some stuff for one of her classes.

So we went out and started with the library. We got there at 4:30, they closed at 5 so great timing. Went in and got our books (finally paid my fines, OUCH) and were back in the car with time to spare.

Next stop, hair cuts for all 3 kids. We got there at 4:58. They closed at 5. I asked "are you sure it's ok?" they said "yeah, it's fine". I felt like shit while we were sitting there waiting our turn and they were all discussing how they hate when people come in right before closing. I almost left, but it's the place with the balloons, which is where Trevor likes to go lol.

So Trevor got his done, Melissa got hers done, and Jessica, well the gal that started to cut her hair passed her off because she "didn't know what she wanted" and then the girl that cut her hair kind of butchered her bangs. Poor kid. Think they took out our making them stay on her head.

So we left there and got to Staples at 5:55. They closed at 6. YIKES. So Jess looks for her composition books and they have none left. She ran into half her class there and they told her what other stores didn't have them. (Wal Mart).

So THEN we went to Target. No composition books there.

Rite Aid, closed.

Longs, no notebooks, sold out.

Walgreens. Same. Jessica is getting really pissed off at this point and I can fill the bubble of stress around here and it's starting to invade my space.

Next and last stop, the old Longs, the only store we haven't tried yet. She's actually in the store for more than a few minutes (we quit ALL going in after Target) so I'm thinking this is a good thing. Eventually she comes out with a bag (CHEERS!!!) and 2 kind of beat up composition books she found laying in two different places in the store, none of which they were supposed to be.

All I can say is HURRAY!!

Got home and had to go outside to "destress" from her and the other 2 fighting in the car, the store, and all that stress for the notebooks.

Everyone is in bed now.


One nice thing about going back to school. Bedtimes!!Pin It


Carin said...

Oh honey I feel for you! So sorry you had such a yucky go of it. Hope you were able to relax. HUGS!

Chris H said...

Stop whining! Imagine having 6 kids in 10 years like me! THEN getting landed with two more... then you will REALLY appreciate bedtimes mate! get in ya nightie and have a friggin drink!

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