Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cleaning Makes You A Nag

Well I got up in time to take a shower and even made it to work on time.

Where I snorted and sniffed for most of the day. My kids had to walk home from the bus stop today. They get out almost 2 hours earlier on Wednesdays. Isn't that the stupidest thing? How are you supposed to work with that? Apparently Trevor cried all the way home because his "legs hurt" and he didn't want to walk. I can just imagine him dragging his huge back pack that he insisted on behind him crying and crying. Total Mom guilt!

Got home and got the yard watered then picked up the living room.

Does anyone else turn into a total bitch after you clean? I'm like

"pick that up!"
"don't bring that in here"
"WTH are you doing!!"
"I JUST cleaned that, grrrr"

I think that is why my house gets so messy. It's just easier.

I dusted up the piano to take a picture of it. I'm going to give it away. It needs some work and no one ever plays it and I'm tired of it. Of course I never took the picture though because I got side tracked so maybe I'll get to that tomorrow.

Did a load of laundry and drug out all the other dirty clothes out to the garage.

::checked for bats first::

About 2 weeks ago I told everyone that I'm tired of doing laundry so I'll do mine and Trevor's and everyone else can do their own. Scott should be running out of clothes to wear soon. I think they are all out in front of the washer. Seriously. BIG PILE. Wonder if he'll just wear them dirty??

Tomorrow is "Back to School Night". I'm seriously thinking of skipping it. Maybe I can milk the sick thing and get the kids to let me miss it. I don't think there is anything new. Trevor's teacher had both the girls and Melissa's teacher had Jessica so we know them already. See? I about have myself talked out of going already.

I told myself I wasn't going to start reading another book until my house was totally clean but I'm so tired and my body hurts and I don't want to clean anymore. I just want to go lay down and veg out so I think that's what I'll do.Pin It


Alicia said...

nothing irks me more than when my kids destroy the house when it's been clean for a whole 8 seconds. for once i would LOVE if my house would just stay CLEAN! i get the same way...i just start thinking...why do i even bother?!

Carin said...

I had always heard that house work makes you ugly thats why I try to avoid it LOL!!

I think my kids would agree that I am a total nag when I have to clean.

Retro Girl said...

It's even harder when you have OCD. Combine that with PMS, and people better wear riot gear & helmets! Look out! lol j/k.

~Sheila~ said...

I don't want to say I turn into a "total bitch" but you better believe when I ask who does something belong to they get a little wide-eyed because they know what's coming, lol.

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