Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Work Day!

Good morning! I made it into the office for work today and almost on time go me! I have a shit ton of stuff to do here so just a quick morning update.

I think it might be time for a new ruler. I can't see the lines on the edge anymore :( I think I bought this in the 90's so I got my money out of it lol

I ended up picking apart the strip squares I had added to the flat ones. I used up the roll I made and this is what I ended up with. I really like it! I said am I one short or have 2 extras? Not sure haha. I just put them aside for now since I'm still working on using up the rest of the pieces I had cut. Most likely I will take what I have left when I'm done and make some more strips to add to these.

I started just sewing together all the pieces I had cut out. I am going to do this "design". I had to stop and go to bed last night so I left a big pile to work on tonight if I feel like it.

and that's all the excitement here. I'm going to meet my friend Eric for lunch today. He is going to move out of state so I probably won't see him again for awhile. Although he's moved out of state on me before and came back so we'll see lol. Hopefully the weather is nice enough for us to go eat at a Mexican restaurant. I work in a different county than I live so I'm not even sure of the rules here right now. Need to look up if we can eat outside still/again here.

Ok off to rummage around for files that people hide from me and scan scan print print file file all day. Have a good one!


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