Saturday, October 17, 2020

Finished Halloween Mug Rugs

Good morning! I missed posting yesterday since I was at work frantically trying to get all the "you've got a contract" packets done. I almost got them finished, just about 5 to go. Might have to pop into work on Monday and finish them up.

I went over to the flea market on my lunch but only ended up buying lunch. Hardly any garage sale type vendors there now.

After work I finished up these mug rugs. They are so cute! So much fun to make. My mom claimed the mouse one. I put the rest of the mug rugs I have left up in my Etsy store. I'm sure it is a bit late for Halloween theme stuff but they can just hang out in there til next year or a craft show.

I'm debating on signing up for any craft shows this year.  All the inside ones that the gal does are for both days of the weekend and that's too much for me to do since I work full time. The ones outside are by the movie theater still but are people really going to be out going to the movies? Maybe some but I don't think like before.  This might just be the sell from home/online year.

My friend ordered some masks so I guess I will work on those this morning. Tomorrow is Scott's 50th birthday! No big party this year (thanks Covid!) but the kids are going to come over for dinner. So that means I need to vacuum and straighten up at some point today so I have less to do tomorrow.

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