Friday, October 2, 2020

Finally it's done!

Woohoo we made it to Friday!

My septic system is all done! Need to clean up the stuff in the back corner that they left, mostly tree trimmings. They hacked off the sides of all my trees to get the tractor by them

The covers are a little bit high but maybe we can build the ground up to them a bit on the one side here.

I asked them if they could put a few scoops of dirt into the holes in the driveway, I need to order some rock before they get dug out again.

I worked on making some Halloween mug rugs with my scraps yesterday. These will need batting, backs and binding and maybe a little quilting on top to be done. 

I started off all straight line Sally.

Then decided to do them crazy like. I like these better lol. 

Some are better than others, might just scrap the ones I don't like much.

I had some more I was going to make but I think I will just finish these up first (well the ones I like)

No plans for the weekend, hopefully Scott can get his truck running. It sucks not having a car.


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