Tuesday, December 5, 2023


Good morning happy Tuesday! Today is my make up meeting that I missed for work because I was sick. Someone got smart and decided instead of us driving for like 5 hours we could just join in online!  TG. I so wasn't looking forward to that drive.

Yesterday they finally put my mother in law's funeral on the website. I called in the morning and asked if it was an extra charge that maybe didn't get paid for and they so oh no it was included and they'd get it up right away. She said she wasn't sure if they had a picture since the girl in charge was on the other line or something but I could email one if if I wanted. So I waited and they put up the notice with just a butterfly picture. I emailed a picture over and then hours later they responded that her son wanted this other picture. So I'm sure he'll be mad at me again if they told him I had sent in a picture lol. Damn you Julie taking control of things!! 

So here is the notice with the picture he had. Which is nice except it has my father in laws hand but the rest of his body cut off. 


Just have to get through the viewing Friday and Funeral Sunday then it's down to the house stuff which we have mostly decided that we are just going to check out of I think. We'd love to have his mom's house but if it is valued at what we think it will be we'd have a huge house payment to pay everyone off and then when do we get to retire? So we'll see.

Jess went and had an ultra sound done yesterday. Here is our new little baby boy. She is 31 weeks and they said he is measuring about 2 weeks early and about 5 pounds. 

I had bunco last night and we did a little ornament exchange. It was pure chaos since they wanted to to the steal a gift game but didn't start it off right and then no one wanted to steal except Bev in the red who was super annoyed that they didn't play the game right haha. 

We always have a little potluck dinner. I brought chicken fajitas. We actually had a few main course items this time so that was good. Last time it was mostly all desserts lol.

I wore one of my 3 new Christmas shirts I bought myself :)

Here is Tubz keeping the clean laundry held down yesterday. I got most of the laundry washed but not put away. I need to work on that!

I also need to go to the store at some point this week and get a few things for the after the funeral lunch. Thinking I should put together some pictures too!

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Chris H said...

Awwww baby looks rather cute. Bex has another scan tomorrow (Friday) as her baby is measuring a bit too small right now. In the 10th percentile. Probably just a small baby. WHO is A Hole? I'm intrigued now.

Chris H said...

Hmmmm I'm now tempted to buy a Christmas Shirt for Stew and I!

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