Wednesday, December 13, 2023


Good morning happy Wednesday! I woke up before Scott's alarm this morning and then fell back to sleep after he left and woke up an hour late for work. Whoops lol. I don't think anyone noticed I was late ;)

I thought this plant was a goner yesterday but I gave it a cup of water and it bounced back up. I really need to go get it a bigger pot and maybe a few sticks to hold up some pieces. 

I spent most of the day yesterday working on my unicorn bags. I'm down to the last 2 steps on the coin purses. Probably won't get to those today unless I work on them tonight.

I had darts last night and whew made it through without crying much. Except for one girl who was really having a hard time crying on me made me shed a few tears. 

I won one game and got a low ton so not a bad darts night. I hung out with my friend Dawn after.

I need to go out to the dryer and find my black pants and get myself going to go to my nephew's great grandma's funeral. My mom is going to pick me up at noon. I'm glad I only have to "work" have a day today.  

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Chris H said...

Why on earth would you be crying at darts? Looks like you are keeping busy with your sewing. I hope your markets are going well. Ours have been a bit rubbish on and off. Last one for the year on Saturday, thank goodness.

Julie H said...

@Chris I haven't done too many this year. I had to miss the last one I signed up for since the funeral was that day. Maybe next year I can do more.

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