Sunday, December 3, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday from the house of anxiety! I'll be so glad when everything to do with Scott's parents stuff is over and done with and I never have to talk to anyone ever again :)

Yesterday I spent all day working on my quilt squares.  It's a furry family affair. Tina telling me I can't iron the blocks yet lol

Snookie and Simon had a great time messing things up while I was trying to decide how I wanted to lay it out

I ended up just sewing 4 squares together and now have 12. I'm thinking I'm not going to use the yellow/orange now.  Then I'll probably decide to take the green out too haha. Good thing I still have time ;)

This morning Scott ran to Home Depot and got us a new kitchen sink so he can fix the big leak under it. I asked him to make that his first job now that he is home. I think he might be done. Only minimal cussing too! 

While he was gone I washed all the dishes and made this breakfast casserole.

and then I re-patched the arm of the couch that Simon thinks is delicious. I should have embroidered her name on it. I told her if she eats it again I'm stuffing her in there ;) I don't think she believes me. I should make some arm covers like the grandma's had to cover it all up. I usually have a sheet on it anyways unless it's a party to cut down on the dog/cat hair. Eventually I'll buy new couches but she's not even 2 yet so might as well wait.

The kids are coming over in a little bit for me to babysit while their mom works. She said she doesn't think she'll be working much longer since she is 31 weeks and everything hurts.  Yesterday they went to the Oakland Zoo. Daniel is so into the safari animals I bet he was in awe of them in person. I might have to tag along next time they go ;)

I'm so tired from Scott not sleeping. I can actually feel when he has anxiety and I don't even have to be in the same room. It's great (not).  Ok off to clean up before the kids get here!

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