Sunday, December 10, 2023


Good morning happy Sunday! 
Friday we went and did the viewing for Scott's mom. I could have skipped that I think since I spent so much time with her at the end. They did her make up nice but her mouth was weird. She never ever slept with her mouth closed. I think the only time she had her lips together she was mad lol. His sister Carolyn came with her boyfriend who drove her. He's on crutches. I guess he has something wrong with his hip and he was the one driving them. Lord. I don't think he should be driving at all. 
Scott's brother showed up too. So it was just Scott, Jess, Trevor and then those 3. Melissa had to work so she missed it, which I'm glad since she didn't need to see her like that.

After we went to look at the little area we rented at Jessica's work and then ate linner there. I went to darts when we got home and then hung out afterwards. I found out my friend Traci is in the hospital again and she has the worst type of brain cancer she could have :( So sad.

Saturday we only had a little bit of time to mess around then we had to go to the funeral home for the procession to the cemetery. Which wasn't much at all since most people just went straight there. If only the people in charge gave other people clear directions ;)

Scott's sister Carolyn's daughter Laureen, son David and granddaughter Portia came. My parents, their neighbors Bob & Sue and another nephew Ricky came too. And our girls boys. 

Usually I think funeral pictures are morbid but I do kind of like the carrying the casket ones. 

Scott, A Hole, David

Flowers my mom had sent. We took them back to the Inn and home :)

Mom and I went to find Grandma (good thing I put the row in my phone notes)

The kids went to the Inn and set up a bit. I spent all morning printing pictures out. My photo printer likes to say "there is no photo paper loaded" over and over so we had to fight it out a few times but it decided to work. 

All Scott's family that was there

After I was like wait Ricky's girls should be in there too lol

These 2 are like little peas in a pod. 

I think we were home maybe around 4? Scott went to go ride his motorcycle with his friends for a little bit and Melissa & Eric came back to the house. Melissa & I looked at scrapbooks. The kids decided to go out and I went to bed!

I was in bed so long my shoulder is all jacked up this morning. Hopefully it works itself out soon. The kids are coming over later and I definitely need to clean the house up before they come. So relieved the funeral is all over. I don't have to talk to A Hole ever again. Scott can do it! 

Jess said she put in her 2 weeks for work since she's getting so uncomfortable pregnant now and the last 2 Sundays in December are holidays anyways. So two more grandkids Sundays left for this month. This week and next.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Everything looked lovely, well as lovely as a funeral can be.
This should relieve some stress from you both. But it seems you'll have more babysitting to do. :-) But now the good kind.😀

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