Monday, December 18, 2023


Hello good evening! I could have sworn I did a post this morning but there was nothing lol. I logged off early today to go help Jessica because she wasn't feeling well. 

Yesterday was kid day! We opened the cookies to see what they were. 


I brought in the little table that I got from Traci's house and the kids loved it. It is Wizard of Oz so it has "A LION" on it. Daniel says that so cute. 

Always multiple plates/bowls for snacks 

Finding characters on this crumb quilt I had made. I should make him an I Spy quilt. 

We play the "goodnight" game. Lay on the bed. Goodnight lol. 

We were watching Lambert and I was looking on Ebay to see if there was any Lambert stuff and I saw a Disney book and was like hey I think I have that lol. Sure enough. 

Rosie had fun playing in the box. Papa watched a lot of football on his phone :/

She can totally get up on the chairs/table now

She fell asleep sitting up again. So funny

She took a good nap and then was ready to jump on the bed.

Simon is not the biggest fan of the littles and was perfectly happy in her cage for awhile

That was probably the best babysitting day so far. I don't think anyone cried all day! 

Scott took my car at one point to go get dinner and brought in most of the stuff from Traci's. 

Pretty sure my other neighbor made this quilt and table runner and Traci had won them at the party raffles.

And the cute little Annalee Wizard of Oz Characters. Some of those go for a pretty penny on Ebay. I was looking them up. Dorothy is missing her basket. I might go look and see if the box is still there that I took them out of. I drove by today and everything is chilling in the carport hopefully not getting all wet.  They had huge garbage bags on the front porch too :(


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