Saturday, December 16, 2023


Good morning happy Saturday! My friends are supposed to come over for dinner tonight but now I think they might cancel. Bummer. If they do I'll just go down for the Christmas party at the club. Maybe.  Tonight is caroling but I think it might just make me sad to go so maybe I won't do that either. Not the same without my buddy Traci.

I cleaned off the front porch yesterday. God what a mess. 

Trevor had a bunch of misc crap accumulated on it. Plus a bunch of dead plant containers lol. 
My front yard looks horrible. Next job is to clean the grass out of the bricks but not today. And then clean the grass out of the hedge bushes or just take the hedge out. I think I'll take the grass out and try to get the yard looking better. It's supposed to rain most of next week so that will maybe soak the ground a bit. 

My lunch yesterday since we didn't have anything to just eat easy. Filled me up pretty good just took awhile to make it.

Melissa and I went to see the Irish Christmas production (sat in the audience lol). First we went to dinner at The Station. This used to be Helms but the owner passed away. I'm not sure if the son just sold the business or if this is his business. My friend Heather used to work there but opened her own restaurant downtown. I still haven't been there. Every time I think about going it's not open.

Anyhow this place is definitely more bar than restaurant. No one greets you when you come in and you go to a counter that doesn't have any like "order here" signs and order your food. They do bring it out to your table but that's about the only service you get. Melissa & I both got the tri tip sandwich. It was ok but the fries were really good. I probably wouldn't go back unless having drinks was the main event. 

We got done way before the show started so walked around down town. We went in the one store that was open but it was so expensive we didn't buy anything. $30 for a bag of toffee, $79 for a cute Christmas nick knack. Crazy. IDK why downtown doesn't do well. Sheesh. 

We ended up walking back to sit in the car for like 1/2 an hour then back to the theater. The show was really fun. There were three women who sang so beautifully and three people playing instruments. Then the group of dancers. They added some comedy to it too so that made it fun. I'd go see it again if they came back next year. 

This sign was by the public parking lot. Tons of empty buildings downtown but lets build some more! Cracked up on his defacing. 

After the show we went to the grocery store to get stuff for dinner tonight and snacks for the kids for Sunday. 

This morning Lucy was laying on me but just like leaning on me lol.

Simon to the left of me (see Tina in the background on her post)

Snookie on the right. 

Here I am stuck in the middle with you hahahaha

That didn't last long since Simon got up and barked at Lucy and she got mad and left.

Saw this table on FB Marketplace yesterday. Of course it comes up for a store. This is why I have a sad table with tablecloths when people come over. Just a tad expensive! Then Simon would decide it tasted good or something.

My sewing room is a shit show. I'm not allowed to buy anymore fabric. 

So guess it will be cleaning today unless my friend cancels and then I'll just sit in my sewing room all day ;)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I like the numbers on the front of your home Julie.
As for downtown prices they probably have to for downtown rent prices for them ya know? Downtown here is dying too. They keep trying to do things but they pick the wrong things. Silly people. I wish they would put more younger people in charge. Like 30-50 year olds. They usually are the ones with lots of disposable income.

Julie H said...

@Peg, Scott made those years ago :) yeah our city is mostly a bedroom community now so for stuff to not be open on both days of the weekend just doesn't make sense.

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