Thursday, March 10, 2022


Good morning happy Thursday! It's my Friday of being at MIL's woohhooo. I'm so excited to have my 3 days off of coming here.

My life feels like a waste the last few days, I come here, work, make dinner, go home and go to bed because I'm too exhausted to do anything else.

Yesterday I ordered a couple meals worth of groceries from Instacart. It was so nice, I didn't have to worry about them getting lost lol. MIL's house is a nice corner lot so super easy to find.

For dinner last night I made this Ground Turkey Skillet With Zucchini. MIL acted like it was made of dirt so she had her cream of crap soup. It was pretty good, I'd maybe double it next time so I could have some left overs. Maybe add some rice to bulk it up a bit too. Or put a salad with it haha.

Snookie did pretty good yesterday the only thing she did was REALLY want to smell MIL's legs when she was up walking so I had to go grab her so she wouldn't trip her up.  I made her stay home today even though she wanted to come with me. Rusty had to go out at 12:30 this morning. It was kind of light out so I thought maybe it was more early morning at first. Nope. Today there is a cold wind. 

MIL's thermostat is so messed up. It will be set for 70 and I go look at it and it's 64 in here. WTF. So then I put it up to 73 and it kicks on for a bit. Weird.

Last night when I got home I took a shower to get that done with. I hate taking showers at night since my hair is so thick. I hate using a hair dryer too lol. I'm so difficult. Anyhow I just left my hair down and Lucy was super excited. She loves wet hair from the shower. I had to turn my flash on but she was laying on my back playing with it haha.

They made more selections for work yesterday so now I'm busy with doing eligibility and letters for them all. Of course they hardly selected anyone who has already turned in their paper work and then the planners changed what properties stuff is scheduled on so everything is a mess. Yeah! Only like 20 more letters to go lol. We'll see how far I get today.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'll trade you. I have very fine hair. Lots of it but fine. Baby hair and it sucks! My hair dries so quickly you'd be happy

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