Tuesday, March 8, 2022


Good morning happy bleed to death Tuesday! I was so tired this morning I forgot my purse lol. Rusty had to go out to make his 3am deposit on the front lawn and then has the nerve to be too tired to get up at 6am. Jerk! Enjoy your napping today!

Yesterday was fun. I remembered at 10:30pm on Sunday that I left my work computer charger AT WORK. I did a small panic of like should I just go get it now or would someone think I was probably breaking into the building if I go at like 11pm into a government building lol. I was like wellll my computer charged on the docking station thing at work so maybe the one I have at home will decide to work. I took that with me to MIL's house and NOPE it did NOT work. My computer died in the middle of the Teams staff meeting. Whoopsie. Trevor was off work and he agreed to come hang out with Grandma while I drove to work (like 45 minutes one way from her house) to go get my charger. I told him I'd get him lunch on the way back lol. So I tell her I'm leaving since she is awake, and that Trevor is there and I'll be back in a bit. 

I had to get gas on the way there (TG still under $5), got to work and of course people want to chat. Got out of there then went through the drive thru for some lunch and then was headed back. I was like 10 minutes from her house when Trevor texted me that she had started to go out the door and he was like "hey Grandma" lol. I swear she's like a 5 year old going to run out the door every time she's left alone (or thinks she is alone). When I got there she laughed about having her Grandson come babysit her. I was like well if you'd stop trying to take off. Sheesh.

I took this picture later because she cracks me up. You probably can't see but she is sleeping with sunglasses on. I was showing my mom that the sun beam hadn't even got to her yet. I try to get the curtains open since she doesn't go outside and needs some sunlight (and the night/day changes).  I LOATHE all the cardboard drawer things she has. I'm going to work on getting rid of the one on the back wall. It's just full of junk (and she does not even look  in them). 

After work I got a little sleepy and crashed out for an hour. I didn't even make dinner for us since I was still full from lunch. MIL had her cream of chicken soup (so gross) . She loves that crap.

When I got home I washed dishes, cleaned the cat box, took out the trash, brought in the trash can from the curb then worked on cutting up some more of my car fabrics.  I am done cutting out the prints now to cut the insides/backs to them. That is the fun part going through my stash finding coordinating fabrics and trying to use up stuff. Mostly doing zip bags. Just a few cozies and coasters. Hmm I just remembered I should make some little coin bags too. Maybe I'll do that with some of the ones I have a bit more fabric of.

Today I need to make a menu and get some food so I stop eating crap. I have so been off my diet. I brought the stuff for the last recipe I had from before Trevor's birthday to make for dinner. MIL probably won't eat is since it has some spicy stuff in it unless I can figure out how to make an unspicy one for her.

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