Sunday, March 13, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! The day is half over already thanks to the time change. I'm going to DIE in the morning ugh. 

Yesterday I cleaned for the entire day. I played beat the timer, 10 minutes at a time per room. I was almost done with most of the rooms when I got distracted talking to the neighbors and that was the end of that lol. I am going to try and get the laundry finished up today though. Today shall be for sewing! Gotta give myself at least one day to goof off right? 

I did free table yesterday. I think the only things that left were the clothes rack and one bike. I'm going to load up the rest to take to Goodwill tomorrow. Hopefully I can sneak off for a few minutes to donate it (minus the bike, not taking that). It is like 2 minutes from MIL's house.

Trevor and I went to dinner (and took my old car to Scott's mom's so he can work on it while he's there, it gets way better gas mileage than his truck he drives but it's got like 280K miles on it)

Mongolian BBQ yum yum. Kind of wish I would have got a little more (dinner is all you can eat) but I didn't lol. We got Scott an order to go and dropped that off to him then went to Wal Mart.

I didn't get the cleaning supplies I needed because I got too distracted haha.

Got these for Daniel

These for the new baby

For Daniel

A rug for my room so Rusty can't make so much annoying noise lol, a new comforter for my bed. It's way too white so I ended up putting a sheet over the top so the dogs wouldn't get it all dirty. Got some cheap black out curtains for the windows in my room since that was the only white curtains I could find with a rod pocket. Kind of hate them but they work well enough.

I went out to take the dogs out (oddly enough Rusty didn't wake me up to go out last night and I didn't even take him out that late) and a Sheriff car flew past. They were talking to someone across the field from me. Later I saw the back of the girl walking by so IDK what was up with that. I was joking with my friends maybe it was a walk of shame gone bad lol.

I cleaned off the desk I had been using to work from home a bit. I'm going to take the monitors I have back to work since I can't really work from my house anyways. I think I am going to set up the Cricut there. Probably will keep the newer bigger one I got from my friend/neighbor that passed way if it works! I think it is unused. Still haven't got that far to figure out which one it is. I have so much crap in my sewing room right now. Pushed all the free stuff I got from the neighbor back out of my room into the sewing room and entry way. Definitely going to donate most of the books since there was no interest on the FB selling group and I have decided I don't want to store them waiting for them to sell. Then my friend brought over some more fabric and fabric laces she cleaned out for me. I need to put those away too. It's a mess!

Trevor is at work so I've had 2 days at home alone, so nice! They are having a big weekend of RC boat races down at the clubhouse area but I've just stayed home. Don't really care about those and I'd rather be home doing stuff.  

Having some coffee then I'll "get to it". Going to have to find my desk top before I can do anything haha.

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