Thursday, May 4, 2023


Good morning happy May the 4th  Thursday! If you're a Star Wars fan this is a fun day for you. For me I'm like yawwwn those movies just put me to sleep lol

Just checked the weather for my even on Sunday. That rain on both sides is making me a bit nervous. Hopefully that means it will be nice and MAYBE no wind? We can hope. Usually it's hot this time of year (and it was last week). 

I feel weird I haven't been sewing a bunch of stuff for Sunday but I have a lot of stuff already. This will be my last show until the fall too. No summer melting events for me thanks.

I was actually busy for work all day yesterday and still have more to do. It's a miracle! Part of me is like I should pace myself so it lasts longer haha.

After work I took something over to Jess and came back with my curly hair wild boy. 
We watched some Go Dog Go and then I remembered I had got him some Dalmatians figures so of course then we had to watch 101. 

They were playing some kind of game here. Simon thinks she's a cat apparently. The couches are already ruined from her eating a hole in the arms (I sewed them back together) and the cats scratching them to death. Resigned to not have nice things with these animals. 

After the movie I took him home and cleaned up the toys. Finally time to work on my projects at almost 10pm lol. I got a few more patterns listed but no sales this morning. Yesterday I sold one for $22 so that was nice (plus a few lower ones). Hopefully I'll get more sales today. 

I got one box from my crazy whatnot purchases the other day. That's going to be some fun projects for me. I'm getting closed in in my sewing room, I'm going to have to do some cleaning lol.


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