Monday, May 29, 2023


Good morning happy Monday!

Yesterday was babysitting day so lots of pictures haha. Mr Curls! We played with bubbles and had a popcicle outside. I think I am going to work on cleaning an area in the back yard to set up a little pool for the summer. Something to work on when we get back from vacation.

The baby was a little cranky at first but after she had a bottle and a cat nap she was fine.

Her hair is going to be curly too, look at the back. It's getting a bit lighter too but I don't think she'll be  as blonde as her brother. 

Dinner and Wreck It Ralph. She was way into the movie lol. They were gone and the living room cleaned up by 9:30 which is when I went to bed. 

Tina being Tina. This morning she had pulled out a fabric bin again. Sheesh. Going to have to switch them over to the pattern boxes on this book case for sure. Driving me nuts having to clean it up all the time. 

I got Simon a new indoor pool. She hasn't been quite as bad as the first day. I was worried about them not having water when we are gone since Trevor doesn't see the empty water bowl. Hopefully the fun factor will be gone by next week.

Today's plan is to finish sewing the stars on the garlands. I am almost done. Just have to do the black stars. Then it is time to do all the pom poms. I think I might take pictures of them as I finish them so I can pack them up a bit. I think once I get 10 done I'll put them on FB for sale.

Working on laundry again today. Down to a comforter and my clothes in the laundry sorter and then it is a bunch of random stuff all over the garage. I'm on a mission to get it all washed up. Tired of the mess out there and need to work on cleaning it up again. 


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